With the built-in Alexa getting smarter and echo range getting bigger, buying the amazon Echo is the best choice. Amazon Echo is a go to option for lots of people as it is designed to hear your voice commands. Though, even a tech lover sometimes gets confused about How to Set-up the amazon echo show. 

If you have currently purchased an Echo show device and want to best way to leverage it, you can go through this guide. You can learn about how to use amazon echo show.

How to Set-up the Amazon Echo Show?

What you need:

  • PC/ Smartphone/ Tablet
  • Internet connectivity
  • Internet router
  • An Amazon Account

Follow the Amazon Echo Show setup instructions carefully-

Download the Alexa app or use the touchscreen itself

The first step should be to download the Amazon app on any Android or iOS device. The app is available for iOS 11.0 or higher, Android 5.1 or higher, & Fire OS 5.3 or higher. Simply open the App Store or play store and enter Alexa app into the search box. 

While you can technically, set up your echo show without using the app as Echo show is touchscreen, it is a great way to interact with the device. Now, go through the following sections to know How to set-up the amazon echo show.

Place your echo show

Your next step should be to plug into the echo show directly into the power outlet. Wait for the power LED to light up so that you can begin the setup process.

Complete the Echo Show setup

Once you plug in your echo show, you will need to select a language, connect to Wi-Fi, confirm time zone and log into your amazon Alexa account. Agree to the terms and conditions.

Select the location where you want to place your echo show.

Test your Echo show

Now, you can command something to your Amazon Alexa for e.g.- Hey Alexa, Play some music. 

Once the basic setup is completed, you will be able to enjoy all the benefits offered by the amazon Echo show. You can choose between different music options to play on the echo show.

This guide included information on how to set-up the amazon echo show. 

Up till now, if you face amazon echo show setup failed issue, you can give us a call on our toll-free number. Our technicians will provide you detailed echo show setup instructions and how to use amazon echo show.