We are living in 21st century and technology is heading a step forward in this era. Amazon Echo is the greatest example for this. Amazon has created a technology and named it as “Amazon Alexa” and “Amazon Echo” is the device which works on the same technology.With this blog understand the process of Amazon Echo Setup. Amazon Alexa is the brain behind the Amazon Echo which is a built cloud and providing numerous services just on voice command. Amazon Alexa is adaptable to recognize your voice command and executes that command with desired application.

Amazon Echo, Echo dot and Echo Plus are the devices which are designed with Amazon Alexa technology. This technology updates itself through cloud and it improves skills, learning and functionality with latest updates. With Amazon Alexa is a new way of making your life easy and more fun.

Music and Entertainment-

Amazon Alexa provides you best entertainment services just on your voice command; you can use Amazon Prime Music, Saavn and many more application. Listen music as per your choice and enjoy. You can also get options multi-room music play option and even control the volume from anywhere of your house.

Hands free calling facility-

Now with Amazon Alexa it is very easy to make hands free calls as you can sync all your calls via Alexa App. You can access all your contacts with voice commands and ask Alexa to call anyone from the list. Once you are giving that command a light green colour will appear on you Amazon Echo device. Now Amazon Alexa is providing Drop-in feature with which one connect to family or friends via Amazon Echo devices.  Now it is child’s play if you want drop-in to the kitchen to ask about the dinner time or you want to check in with your close relative. Drop-in gives you complete control.

Messaging is best with Alexa-

In addition to calling feature, messaging is also very good for Amazon Eco Devices. With Amazon Alexa sending and receiving of messages is very easy. As now with amazon Echo or Echo dot you can send messages by voice command only.

Smart Home-

This is the best feature of Amazon Alexa which provides you Smart home configuration. Now you can connect all your devices which can support smart home configuration. With all devices you need to follow the instruction set and names your devices and Ask Alexa to create compatibility with all the devices and your smart home is ready.

How to setup the Amazon Echo?

To setup the Amazon Echo or Amazon Echo Dot you have to follow the below given steps.

  • First connect your Amazon Echo with  power supply
  • Then install the Amazon Alexa App on your phone
  • Connect your phone or tablet to your Echo’s Wi-Fi network
  • Switch to the Alexa App and select the Set up a new device.
  • Add your Amazon username and password
  • Now select your Wi-Fi network and enter its password
  • Your  Alexa assistant is ready to use

With the above steps you can easily setup the Amazon Alexa and to make it more useful set a location on Amazon Alexa App. Swipe right to show  and go on tap settings on  your Amazon echo device ,now set the location and ensure the time. Now you can change your wifi network. Here you can also change so many other settings like weather forecast, wake up message and many more features.

Amazon Echo Dot Setup

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